Our solution... VS ...Cisco Systems
See the difference a better designed phone bracket can make.


  • Installs quickly and easily on to phone wall plates.
  • sleek design, minimal depth.
  • Less expensive.
  • Conforms to the existing standards.
  • Can be removed very easily to allow handset cord replacement.

Cisco bracket

  • Installation is not straight forward. 
  • Requires extensive time and labor to install.
  • May require additional materials for installation.
  • Removal of phone is overly complicated and  EXTREMELY difficult to explain.

Comparison Videos

Our install

Cisco install

Efficiency, functionality, affordability... when you look at the benefits of the 8800 phone bracket, there really is no comparison. See for yourself with our comparison videos that show the installation of the SLICSHOP phone bracket in under a minute versus the time and labor needed for the Cisco phone bracket. Then experience the difference for yourself and order today!