a better solution... for the Cisco
8811, 8841, 8851, and 8861

Get the wall mount phone bracket that's perfectly designed for 8800 series phones. Save time and money by choosing the phone mount that people prefer time and time again.

8800 bracket

Sleek and streamlined, the 8800 phone bracket is perfect for your Cisco phone. Mounted easily on phone wall plates, the SLICSHOP bracket can also be removed quickly when needed. Best of all, there's no additional hardware needed to install your new phone brackets.
Many businesses use multiple Cisco 8800 phones throughout their stores or warehouses, where the phones must be mounted on a wall or a pole. The 8800 phone bracket makes it easy to mount these phones where you need them most. This is the perfect alternative to Cisco CP-8800-WMK=. Plus, you'll save money with the great value on bulk orders of phone brackets.